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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

[ march 05: fashion senses i wish i had ]

So I don't claim to be particularly stylist. I don't really follow fashion magazines, or actually know what's in or out at the moment. I just kind of wear what I like. I am trying to slowly update my wardrobe, so that I don't look quite so much like a college kid anymore. Let's just say it's a really good thing I work from home part-time, and the office I do work in is pretty casual.

So anyway, I've really been admiring the following people's fashion senses lately (and yes, the first two are fictional).

  • Lorelai & Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. It's my all-time favorite show, and I just finished watching season 7 on dvd. And those girls always look so pulled together and composed and classy. So I wish I could combo them, and dress as pulled together as Rory does, but with some of Lorelai's funk.
  • Reese Witherspoon. She just always looks so classy.
  • Rachel Bilson. She's totally girl-next-door, but funky and hip. And she's beautiful. And she's totally my girl-crush. I heart her hardcore. Summer Roberts, forever! (Don't judge...)
Who do you admire style-wise?

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