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Thursday, January 24, 2008

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My wicked amazing friend Kelly is coming to visit!


She gets here at noon, and is staying until Sunday!

I can't friggin' wait!

It has been too long since I've seen any of my friends!

And, I have an appointment with an apartment complex in a couple hours!

Which could potentially be my new apartment!

I would move in next week!

Holy crapola!

Gotta get ready!

I usually hate exclamation points, especially lots of them. They look ridiculous. But I'm excited. So.



Chickenbells said...

Oh Goodie!! See...exclamation points really DO help when showing your excitement...I mean, when writing anyway...I hardly ever carry them around with me! Have fun with your friend...and I have my fingers crossed about the apartment...


Anonymous said...

what great news!! Congrats and have a blast. Sometimes hanging out with a good friend is exactly what's needed (especially when you add in good alcohol and good food!!) ;-)

Katelin said...

Oh have fun! Sounds like a great time.