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Monday, December 10, 2007

[ seven in seven ]

I forgot to post about weekly goals yesterday, so here I am!

Last week's goals:

  1. Finish up the organization of the mail folders. - just about complete... I'm incredibly perfectionist-y about stuff like this
  2. Finish up Jesse's Chrismukkah stocking. - I was planning on getting the last few things on Friday, but ended up not having time, so maybe today.
  3. Finish wrapping things for Christmas / Chrismukkah. - completely done!
  4. Mail out some more fun stuff! - completely done!
  5. Have fun at the events Jesse & I are going to this week. - we did indeed... see Saturday's post for details
  6. Finish writing out Chrismukkah cards & mail them. - also done!
  7. Find a Chrismukkah Cactus! - done, and decorated!

Wow... I was quite successful at my goals this week. This tackling-goals-on-a-weekly-basis-thing seems to be working out for me quite well. Now for this week!
  1. Think of things to do with Mom & Dad when they get here.
  2. Read one hour a night, instead of watching television.
  3. Figure out what to eat for Christmas dinner.
  4. Research some day and weekend trips for the spring.
  5. Create contact database from business cards.
  6. Finish up mail system.
  7. Finish up Chrismukkah... it's next week!

I seriously cannot believe that it's already December 10th (it's my half-birthday! woot). When did that happen? It's almost 2008. How is that even possible? I've gotta make some fun and exciting plans for the new year. Anyone doing anything amazing?


Sunny said...

Happy half-birthday! You were insanely productive last week. I feel like such a slacker in comparison - but I did wrap! I love Christmas wrapping, with carols on and hot tea.

I need exciting plans for next year, but I'm still trying to see the end of this one! If you come up with brilliant ideas, do let me steal... I mean, please share them. :)

Chickenbells said...

You sure have gotten a lot of things done...and a few more to go as well! It is amazing that the holiday is right around the corner...I've got some packages to mail and things to wrap for sure!!