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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

[ march 18: favorite tv shows of childhood ]

I've got to admit, I've been known to say, "Television was sooo much better when I was a kid." And I genuinely believe it. TV was great. Saturday morning cartoons were normal: Scooby-Doo, The Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry. Nickelodeon's shows for younger kids weren't completely inane. Stupid reality television has killed the joy.

Here are some of my favorites, from various years, with links to videos of their theme songs or a clip if I couldn't find the theme... enjoy!

Really, nothing of insane quality. Just really fun entertainment. What were your favorite shows when you were younger?


Ivanhoe said...

Hi, I am hopping over from LA girl. My favorites were the cartoons. Scooby, Tom & Jerry, Smurfs, Duck Tales, Chip & Dale... Now they have Dora & Sponge Bob! Not my cup of tea, but I guess every generation is different...:o)

Katelin said...

I basically loved all of those shows, plus: Family Matters, Step by Step, Fresh Prince, Ninja Turtles, James Bond Jr., My Little Ponies and so many more, man I loved the 80s, haha.

Frances said...

LOL I did this one, but my shows were much much older.
I love teh Daria cartoon; I have to look it up online and see if it's playing on one of the cable channels.
My So-Called Life was a great show.
No matter how old I get I will always love teen movies and shows.