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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

[ a word on guilty pleasures ]

I've been noticing a lot of "guilty pleasure" meme's going around, and I have to say, I've been enjoying them all. However, I'm not really a believer of guilty pleasures. I guess because I don't feel guilty about anything I enjoy. Sure, I know some stuff is insanely dorky, or that I should feel guilty for enjoying it, but seriously... who cares?

Therefore, here are some things about me that most people would term "guilty pleasures." I simply term them, things I enjoy, that others make fun of me for.

  • NSync. I love them. I have every single album... I probably know every single song on those albums by heart... I even have the European release of their first album which has five different songs than their American release. I've seen them in concert several times. When I was younger, my walls were plastered with pictures of them (mainly of JC... if he hadn't released that song which contains the lyrics "all day long I think about sex and all night long I dream about sex," I would probably still be in love with him)
  • America's Next Top Model. Love it. Totally addicted. Mainly, I watch for the photo shoots, but the show entertains me to no end. I like guessing who will win. I especially loved the British version, during which I was convinced Abigal was going to win. She made it to the top two and then lost. I was pissed.
  • Crappy MTV reality shows. What can I say... those people make me feel smarter.
  • Fanfiction. Not so much anymore, but I used to read it ALL the time. Especially for Harry Potter. Loved it. I love when anyone can come up with a really good story, so who cares if the characters aren't their own. The authors fully recognize that. In fact, going back to loving NSync, one of the best stories I ever read was an NSync fanfiction. There were three parts, they were as long as novels, and I loved them. I sometimes find them again and reread them. They still make me cry. If it's good writing, it's good writing. End of story.
  • Most ridiculous 80s and early 90s pop music. I have a TON of it, and I know the words to most of it. Nothing makes you feel better than hilariously corny pop music. New Kids on the Block, Robyn, Tiffani? Love them all. To this day.
  • Corny romance and kids movies. Seriously, who doesn't have a soft spot for them?
  • Celebrity gossip. Oh man, I can't help it. I don't seriously follow it, or know everything about everyone, but I do love me a good US Weekly or People.
  • The Hills. Every single week. LOVE IT. I want to be friends with Whitney and Lauren. I really do.
  • The OC. I watched every single episode every single week on Thursdays for four years... all through college. I love love love that show. I own all four seasons... well, I would if the stupid post office hadn't lost Season 4 when I moved to AZ. Curses! I wanted to date Seth Cohen and be Summer Roberts. Loved them both. Sandy was awesome. I was so bummed when it was canceled.

I feel guilty about absolutely none of those. And why should I? Does it make me a bad person to love NSync? (I'm still convinced they're going to get back together, and trust me... I will buy the album when they do). No. It makes me a fun person, who happens to like a lot of random and weird stuff. Some of which, is apparently embarrassing. I just think it's fun.

[ EDIT: While rereading this to see if I spelled anything incorrectly (anyone else do that?), I realized that it reads quite angry. I'm not angry, or even annoyed. I find it amusing that people feel the need to be embarrassed by things they like. I do, however, get annoyed when people try to make me feel guilty for liking the things I like. It's unnecessary. I like what I like, and I'm cool with it. You should be too. This probably reads quite angry also. I promise I'm not. ]


My complete and utter happiness with what I like. Who is someone else to tell me that the thing I like is stupid or inane or ridiculous. Newsflash for all of you out there: I probably know it's stupid or inane or ridiculous. I just don't care!

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