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Thursday, July 5, 2007

[ but now it's not so fun ]

Got a call from my dad. Apparently, my last box of books & DVDs has evaporated somewhere in the middle of the country. Somewhere between NC and AZ, the box broke, and the contents became separated from the address. Now I have to try to remember what the hell books and DVDs are missing.

So far, I know two of my English Harry Potter's aren't here, as well as three of my Italian Harry Potter's. My Steve McCurry portrait book isn't here (quite possibly my favorite photography book that I own). My vintage copies of The Witching Hour and Oliver Twist aren't here. One of my all-time favorite books, QuirkyAlone (which was a gift), isn't here. Season Three of Family Guy (my birthday present from Jesse) isn't here. The Poisonwood Bibles by Barbara Kingsolver isn't here.

Now I'm staring at my bookshelves, trying desperately to remember any other books that aren't here. Or movies. The list above might be it, but I doubt it. I only have about 60 books here, and I'm pretty sure I own at least 80. As for movies, nothing is jumping out at me except for the Family Guy.

Pissed off. I want my books. The vintage books are irreplaceable. The Witching Hour was published in 1908, and it was beautiful and perfect with awesome illustrations. Oliver Twist was part of my 19th birthday present from my father. He bought it (and The Adventures of Robin Hood, which made it) for me in this little tiny, practically caving in on you, stuffed with books used-book store in Asheville.

As they say, hindsight is 20/20. I should have written down all the books I had, and which books were in which boxes, so I would know.


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Chickenbells said...

Phoey...and a few other expletives! I have quite a few books myself and would be sad if I suddenly found them missing...damned post.