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Thursday, July 19, 2007

[ i've been a bad bad girl ]

I'm so bad at blogging lately. I've just been a little crazy. Rushing in the morning to get ready for and to work. Too tired at night to do much else than cook dinner and relax with Jesse. But here I am, home for the afternoon because Brenda is heading to Vegas today, so I didn't have to work.

Annnyway... life is good. I've been living in Arizona for just over a month now (it was a month on Tuesday). And I love it. I love so much about being here. For exaaaample:

- Working. Love it. So much fun.
- My HAIR. I'm such a girl. I don't think I've had a bad hair day since I've been here. No frizz!
- That 100 degrees is refreshing. It makes me laugh.
- Living with Jesse. It's great. We're big dorks. We have fun together.
- Landscape. It's beautiful. We need to explore more. We've been lazy lately, so we need to get out there.

So yeah. It's awesome. It's been a crazy, hectic, fabulous month. And I'm sure it will only get crazier. Especially since I'm working my first wedding with Stuart next weekend! I can't wait. And he told me what weekends he's going to need me in the fall. Basically every Saturday but one in October and November. INSANE. But it will be fun.

As for personal stuff, I have zillions of ideas for my own designs, but I haven't had the energy to get going on it. I really need to get my website done before I move forward with new stuff.

So yeah. Life is good. Now, I must kick my own ass into gear, and do some work on my website.

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