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Saturday, June 30, 2007

[ gray is the color i see around her ]

I'm working on getting together new images and a new layout for my portfolio website, and I'm rediscovering work I did. I forgot about the paper negative effect images I made, and I'm loving them more than ever.

They just blur and distort and texturize so beautifully. I've GOT to do some more of these.

They also got me missing using a Holga (the last three are double wammies: Holga negatives, with the paper effect). Which is funny, because I remember loathing using a Holga in class two years ago, and now I'm dreaming longingly of one. (Good thing they are cheeeeap). I simply must get one. It's not even a question.

[ green and gray by nickel creek ]

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Chickenbells said...

I like the softness of the photos...they are so much more grey than your average traditional black and white ones.