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Sunday, June 24, 2007

All moved in, ready to work

Well, I am completely moved in (except for a few small things I need to buy containers for & the boxes of books headed my way next week). The apartment is looking good. Jesse will be here in two weeks. I officially have two jobs equally 40 hours a week. Life is going pretty well right now.

I've got assignments from Stuart for this week because he's out of town, and I'm starting work with Brenda also. I'm really really excited to work for both of them, and also to work on setting myself up: new website, new work, new logo, new everything. It should be funnnn.

The bedroom, complete with my Tigger stuffed animal until Jesse finally arrives.

The kitchen & porch. You can't see my PorchBuddha or PorchCacti from here, but I'm sure they'll both make appearances soon enough.

Bright, and beautiful, and huge kitchen.

Living room, loving it.

Living room & television from the entrance.

All the furniture either came from Ikea or Target, and I justsobarely went over the budget we set for ourselves. But I'm okay with it. Because I LOVE everything we have.

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sulu-design said...

I'm so glad that you stopped by my blog today. First, because I so enjoyed reading your comment, and second because it brought me here. You've got a lovely blog, and a lovely new home. What a fabulous place to move into after college! Enjoy your new dwellings and your new location.